1. University of Basel, University Sports, Prof. Dr. Jürg Hammer, President of the University Sports Commission

  1. University of Basel, Institute of Exercise and Health Science, Prof. Dr. U. Pühse, Director and Professor of Sport Science

  1. Canton of Basel-Stadt, Sport Advisory Board, Dr. Ch. Eymann, Councillor

  1. Swiss University Sports Directors Conference, Roger Roth, President

  1. Swiss University Sports Association, Andreas Csonka, President

  1. Swiss Snowsports, Karl Eggen, President

  1. Swiss Association for Sport in the School, SVSS, Ruedi Schmid, President

  1. International Association of Snowsport Instructors, MdB Norbert Barthle, President, Germany

  1. European Network of Academic Sport Services ENAS, Duarte Lopez, President, Portugal

  2. International University Sports Federation FISU, Leonz Eder, Vice President, Switzerland